Gearbox Software Shoot

Gearbox!!  (Insert witty Clap Trapp quote here).  We were super excited to head over to Gearbox a few weeks ago to film interviews with Gearbox CEO & Co-founder Randy Pitchford, Co-founder & Creative Director Brian Martel, VP of Business Development & the voice of Clapp Trapp Mr. David Eddings, & the venerable Mikey Neuman, Chief Creative Champion at Gearbox. Not surprisingly they all gave very insightful and in depth interviews and we captured some really fantastic b-roll of their studio.  We also had a chance to geek out in Randy Pitchford's office, aka "a shrine to every game console ever created".  I thought my console collection was extensive...until I saw Randy's.  And it's not just for show either, Randy knows gaming history like few we've talked with and his predictions for the future of the industry are deep and interesting to say the least.  We will be posting a video clip or two from our Gearbox shoot soon so be sure to check back in the video section here on the site.  Onward to Seattle (343 & Microsoft Game Studios shoot is next!)