One of the item’s on our “VGTM Bucket list” has always been to travel to Raleigh, NC to talk with the good folks over at EPIC Games, who are responsible for not only some of the biggest technological milestones in gaming but some of the best games ever made.  Our video vignette recap of this shoot, which you can see here – Video Games: The Movie – Epic Games Shoot Vignette is proof that we have in fact successfully checked this off our list & shooting schedule.  It was a real thrill to finally see behind the curtain (& film!) of one of the world’s most prestigious and successful game developers.

We had the privilege of sitting down with several key individuals inside Epic including Mr. Mark Rein himself, Vice President & Co-founder of the legendary game studio.  Not surprisingly Mr. Rein’s insights into what makes the modern game experience special as well as the future of the industry as a whole were spot on.  We were also very excited to speak with Jim Brown, lead level designer for all of the Gears of War titles who gave us some true insider’s info into what makes Gears such a successful franchise.  Wyeth Johnson, Art Director and Greg Mitchell, Cinematic Director at Epic also gave great interviews, each with their unique and surprisingly specific POV’s on the history, culture and future of videogames.  

We are in the home stretch of filming and hope to wrap all our interviews early next month.  Fingers crossed we can make our self imposed deadline and get onto the difficult but exciting task of post production.  Look for our official kickstarter to hopefully launch directly after our shooting schedule is wrapped. 


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