A fun recap of the great press Video Games: The Movie received during it’s initial theatrical release.

Movies on Demand Interview

Movies on Demand host Camille Ford sits down to chat with Video Games: The Movie creators Jeremy Snead and Cliff Bleszinski.

Production Diaries

Go behind the scenes of the making of Video Games: The Movie with Jeremy Snead and the Mediajuice team. Previously only available to Kickstarter backers the VGTM Production Diaries are now available for all to watch!

Blooper Reel

With hundred of hours of footage, you’re bound to have a few accidents. These are some of our favorites.

EPIC Games Shoot Recap

A recap of our shoot at EPIC Games, who are responsible for not only some of the biggest technological milestones in gaming but some of the best games ever made.

Gearbox Software Vignette

We recently had the privilege of visiting Gearbox Software where we interviewed Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, Mikey Neumann & David Eddings who were all amazingly fantastic!

Chris Lee Interview

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to film the 343 Industries studio as well as interview Chris Lee, lead producer for Halo 4. It was a great 2 days of shooting and Mr. Lee, as well as Sotaro Tojima; audio director for Halo 4, gave fantastic interviews.

Legend of Zelda Concert

We had a fantastic time filming the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert for our documentary. Such amazing music and the venue was one of the most amazing venues for a video game symphony you could imagine.

Chris Hardwick

We sat down with the always funny and talented Mr. Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist pocast (among other things) and talked about the video game industry and audience. Chris was a terrific interview and had great and comedic insights about the gaming industry and audience.

Warren Davis

Video Game pioneer, Warren Davis, creator of “Q*Bert” among many other accomplishments sat down with us to answer our questions about video game history. It was fantastic.

David Fox

We sat down with game pioneer David Fox, who shared some truly fantastic stories with us about the origins of some arcade classics and the early years at Lucas Film games, later Lucas Arts.

Ernest Cline’s Black Tiger

After our interview with Mr. Ernest Cline, author of the NY Times best selling book ‘Ready Player One’ he treated us to a tour of his personal nerdery, a collection of books, toys, sculptures, proton packs and yes…Black Tiger

Comic Con 2012 Recap

On our 2nd location shoot at San Diego Comic Con we interviewed a load of industry veterans, icons and even a few celebrities!

Marv Wolfman Interview Clips

At the 2012 San Diego Comic Con we had the privilege of interviewing an legend and pioneer in the Comic Book industry who has recently began working in the video game industry. His comments were very insightful.

Wil Wheaton talks “Video Game Storytelling”

During our Comic Con 2012 shoot we had the privilege of interviewing Wil Wheaton, a virtual video game historian who answered the question, “Why is storytelling in video games different than any other medium?”

E3 2012 Interviews 1

A clip from our 3rd day of shooting at E3 2012. We asked industry icons “When did you 1st know you wanted to work in video games?

FIRst Game Ever Played? (E3 2012)

At E3 2012 we ask fans “What is the 1st video game you ever played?

Who is The Father of Gaming?

We asked video game fans at E3 2012, who is The Father of Video Games? Lots of interesting answers.

Max Landis!

We spoke with Max Landis (screenwriter – “Chronicle”) in an exclusive interview covering subjects from “storytelling in video games” to “gamer culture in 2012+.”

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