Leveling Up


As of today we have officially wrapped principal photography of Video Games: The Movie.  It’s very surreal to say (or type) that out loud.  As an independent filmmaker everything is an uphill battle, and yes the name of that hill is $money$.  Paying for each shoot and trip out of pocket has not been easy (thanks visa & amex) but I know the final film will be well worth it. I can just feel it.

While I know we still have a HUGE amount of work and financial needs ahead of us in post production to make a great film, I had to take a moment earlier and *sigh* in relief.  The shooting part is done! It’s been a crazy year of events, travel and amazing interviews (yes we have been filming for 1 year!).  As a filmmaker I am always looking for that next great sound byte to edit into each section of the film, the best visuals to help tell the story, etc.  But as a gamer I’ll be honest … I’ve had to take some deep breaths before some of these interviews. #gaminggods

During our final push the past couple of months we have had the pleasure of interviewing some real gaming greats like Mr. Cliff Bleszinski (total badass), Brian Fargo (what!!!?), Rob Pardo of Blizzard (he’s as cool as you would imagine.), several FANtastic guys over at Naughty Dog, the lovely Alison Haislip, Clare Grant and Ms. Chloe Dykstra!  

In about a month we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign for the film where we will be trying to raise approx. $110,000 to pay for post production (editing, music composition, archival footage, motion graphics, music licensing, etc.)  To be honest, it is a bit scary to launch a Kickstarter since there is no way to know if people will support us…but I’m hopeful that my fellow gamers and lovers of great documentary film will rise up.  Fingers crossed.  

Stay tuned for more updates on our KS and post production shenanigans.  



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