Nintendo & Sundance!




After 2.5 months of 12-16 hour days (literally) I’m proud to say we made the final deadline submission today for The Sundance Film Festival.  It has been a grueling and at times brutal process of cutting, recutting and finding not only the story but the production value we want for the film. I’m happy to report as of this morning with our submission to Sundance we have a very solid film on our hands that I know you will all love & I am very proud of. That said, most all initial film submissions to Sundance are what you call “pre-final” cuts which means they still require a final sound mix & master and additional editing tweaks. When and if a film is selected the filmmaker is then allowed to submit the final cut of the film, which gives us a bit more time to make the final final cut of VGTM.




That’s right, after a long pursuit we received confirmation a 2 weeks ago that Nintendo would like to participate in our film.  I was so thrilled to hear this.  With only a few weeks left to finish the film it took some rearranging to schedule and get out to Seattle to film but we made it happen.  We wrapped our shoot with them 2 days ago and got terrific interviews with Nintendo President and CEO Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime as well as Don James himself, the longest tenured Nintendo employee (he’s been with the company since 1981!)  They both gave terrific interviews and we are excited to edit this footage into the film.  

I was so relieved when we got this confirmation.  As you could imagine it would be difficult to have a film titled ‘Video Games: The Movie’ without one of the biggest and most influential video game companies on the planet in it.  This makes our story truly complete.  




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