343 and Microsoft Studios

Ahhh Seattle, your home to so many iconic game studios; Nintendo, Valve, Bungie, Microsoft, 343 Industries and on and on.  For this trip we were focusing on 2 of the greats – Microsoft, home of the Xbox 360 & 343 Industries, the new home of Halo and creators of Halo 4, the latest in the legendary series. We started our shoot at 343 where we joined Dolby Laboratories for an exclusive interview with Halo 4 Audio Director, Sotaro Tojima, who is one of the more interesting individuals we have spoken with on the topic of game audio. He has a unique and passionate point of view for the medium and it comes through very clearly in his interview.  After Mr. Tojima’s interview we had the pleasure of sitting down with lead Halo 4 producer, Chris Lee.  Now that Halo 4 is officially completed and in stores you could feel a combined sense of relief and exhaustion around 343 and Chris was the 1st one to tell us our senses were correct. It was clear from Chris’ interview that a third sense was also present among the 343 Industries team. Satisfaction. The reviews are in, the consumers have spoken and Halo 4 is a runaway hit and we were thrilled to visit the team who created it.  Next we headed to Microsoft where we had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Kudo Tsunoda, Corporate Vice President & Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios. The 1st and obvious take away from meeting Kudo is that Kudo knows & loves games. His passion for all things interactive was evident in his candid and straight forward answers. While we didn’t get any insights into what the next Xbox will be, we did get a great interview and were then walked around the entire campus to shoot b-roll, which turned out terrific. Thanks Microsoft!  


Gearbox Software Shoot

Gearbox!!  (Insert witty Clap Trapp quote here).  We were super excited to head over to Gearbox a few weeks ago to film interviews with Gearbox CEO & Co-founder Randy Pitchford, Co-founder & Creative Director Brian Martel, VP of Business Development & the voice of Clapp Trapp Mr. David Eddings, & the venerable Mikey Neuman, Chief Creative Champion at Gearbox. Not surprisingly they all gave very insightful and in depth interviews and we captured some really fantastic b-roll of their studio.  We also had a chance to geek out in Randy Pitchford’s office, aka “a shrine to every game console ever created”.  I thought my console collection was extensive…until I saw Randy’s.  And it’s not just for show either, Randy knows gaming history like few we’ve talked with and his predictions for the future of the industry are deep and interesting to say the least.  We will be posting a video clip or two from our Gearbox shoot soon so be sure to check back in the video section here on the site.  Onward to Seattle (343 & Microsoft Game Studios shoot is next!)


Official Launch of the New Site!

We’ve officially launched the new site for Video Games: The Movie! Let’s do a quick rundown on what you’ll be able to enjoy here!

Our Home page showcases the latest interviews we’ve done with industry veterans from around the world. From Ernest Cline, to Wil Wheaton, they’re all there. Take a look through the slideshow and get a glimpse of all the amazing people we’ve interviewed thus far!

The About page is where you’ll find all the relevant information about the project, and who we are. There’s links to all of our different social media pages as well as some neat pictures and information about the company and our director, Jeremy Snead.

You’re currently in the News section! Huzzah! This is where we’ll be posting updates about the project as it progresses! Be sure to check back often!

The Video page is where you’ll be able to watch all of our videos about the project. Sometimes it’ll be behind the scenes stuff; sometimes it’ll be a look into the interviews that we’ve done with some of the biggest names in the industry, but they’ll all be there for your viewing pleasure.

The Press page showcases some of the recognition we’ve gotten from various news outlets around the internet. Gamespot, Yahoo, and more will be featured here as articles are posted for you to browse at your leisure. Be sure to check those sites out!

The Donate page is where you can personally donate to the Video Games: The Movie film and even get something back for it! If you’ve taken the time and money to help us reach our goals, then we’ll be grateful and reward it! There are different levels of donations, and some of the rewards are limited, so check it out now!

The Contact page is the place to be if you want to get in touch with MediaJuice about this project or any other issue. All of our information is there for you to use in whatever way you need. If we can help you with something, or if you just want to let us know how great the project looks, that would be the place to do it!

Well that’s all for now! Go! Be free! Enjoy the site and keep checking back to learn more about Video Games: The Movie!

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