On our last trip out to LA we shot some great footage at the Spike Video Game Awards, The Machinima Awards as well as a few interviews in and around the LA area.  To our delight Mr. Max Landis, renowned screenwriter and pop culture icon, agreed to an interview with us and WOW were we surprised at his in depth and unconventional thoughts on gaming culture and the industry at large.  Speaking of “gamer culture” one of Max’s more insightful answers was to our question,

“Where do you see gamer culture headed in the next 10 to 20 years?”  

He basically blew me away with his answer which (if I may summarize) posits the notion that there is no such thing as “gamer culture” anymore. The logic he gave was because gaming, technology, music and movies are all part of a bigger 2012+ culture that everyone accepts as normal, i.e. gaming is no longer a sub-culture, its main stream and If you don’t know what video games are or how huge of an impact they have had and are going to continue to have on life as we know it…your a dinosaur and will be extinct soon. It was kind of awesome to hear someone like Max Landis say this because he is very respected in many circles and his opinions fall very much in line with my personal hopes for “gamer culture”. We, the gamers, are no longer the minority and never will be again…which is kind of amazing when you think about it.  


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